Accepted paper in ACM CHI PLAY 2020!

Abstract: This paper presents work in progress that informs current understanding of intersectional themes (age, gender, and digital games) that are important, but under-studied, in the player- computer interaction community. This paper draws on a 4-month participant observational study of game play and interest among active older women (aged 63-83, N=14). The results show how gender and age shape digital game interest and play among the participants. For them, being an older woman now means keeping up with the times, being active and helping others. They disregarded digital games that clashed with this identity. When the digital games projected it, their play was fun and productive, recommending the games to others. Current and future work research activities are outlined

Authors’ Accepted Version

Reviews scores: AC = 30/34. R1 = 33/34. R2 = 29/34. Acceptance rate: 60%.

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